will ospreay

Randy Orton recently set the internet on fire when he made some interesting comments about the independent wrestling scene, and it’s started an interesting conversation within the internet wrestling community. Various stars have joined the conversation, and during a recent interview with ESPN, Will Ospreay said the he though Orton’s rant was actually funny.

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“I thought it was really funny. I do agree a bit, quite a lot of it. I do feel like wrestling has become very similar [in style], but just listen to that crowd from New York. It is that format, and everyone was going insane. I don’t know what to say but … dive.”

Although Ospreay found himself agreeing with some of what Orton said, he also noted that he believes wrestling is an art form, and people should accept that there are many different styles.

“I would like to show people that what I do is professional wrestling,” Ospreay said. “A lot of people give me a lot of stick — I’m cool, I can take it. Because my style is apparently not believable in a fight situation. Well, I’ve seen worse things, trust me on that. Ricochet says it best: Wrestling is an art form. I don’t bash people for doing death matches, but I love death matches. I’ve done one a while ago at Progress [Wrestling]. I loved it. I don’t mock the tech wrestling ’cause I can do it, but I don’t like it. But at the end of it, I still think it’s wrestling. No matter what it’s an art form, and I think people need to accept that there’s so many different styles. I symbolize myself as the Spider-Man of professional wrestling. How boring would Spider-Man be if he did everything everyone else would do. Imagine Spider-Man doing a wristlock. I’m Spider-Man. That could be the title of this interview: Will Ospreay is Spider-Man. That’s what I want to be. I want to be a superhero.”

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