In the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer took a close look at the top independent workers all over the globe. Meltzer noted that in his estimation, WWE will likely sign nearly every top name on the indie circuit including Will Ospreay and Ricochet over the next few years.

He noted that some of the only exceptions to this rule would be Kazuchika Okada, who is signed to a lengthy contract with New Japan as well as other Japanese stars who are loyal to their home promotions.

Meltzer said that WWE will allow some top independent stars to remain unsigned but we’re assuming that Triple H and William Regal will still be keeping a close eye on them.

He goes on to note that not only does he suspect Ospreay and Ricochet will be under the WWE banner by 2019, but they will also be permitted to use their names without experiencing a repackaging.

Meltzer said that he thinks that even some of the Mexican stars at the height of their popularity will end up with WWE but a lot of that actually depends on how well Gran Metalik is able to prosper in World Wrestling Entertainment. He said that if Metalik can get over, then it would open the door for WWE to take a chance on other younger Mexican talent especially considering the fact that WWE is looking to establish a “Mexican territory.”