matt hardy

Matt Hardy has had an interesting year, as he spent the majority of 2017 fighting over the rights to the Broken Universe.

But Matt’s battle with Impact Wrestling is now over, and it’s been confirmed that Matt now has ownership of all trademarks related to the Broken Universe.

The battle prevented Matt from bringing the character to TV on WWE programming, but he found a way around the issue when the Woken Matt Hardy character was created. Now that he owns the rights to the Broken Universe, fans are wondering if there’s a chance he could go from Woken Matt to Broken Matt in WWE.

Sports Illustrated reports that it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see Broken Matt Hardy in WWE, as the company prefers to own the character which is why Woken Matt was created.

However, WWE is said to be fully behind Matt, and the company wants to help him introduce the character to a wider audience moving forward.

Matt has teased that other members of House Hardy will be joining him in WWE eventually, and he recently released videos featuring King Maxel and Vanguard 1.

Impact issued the following statement in regards to the ownership transfer of the Broken Universe:

“We don’t have anything to add to this story, but we are happy to have resolved this issue and are focused on the future.”