Fans waited a long time to see Sting join WWE, and when it finally happened it was bittersweet. The Icon only managed to wrestle a few matches in WWE before an injury put him out of action and led to his eventual retirement.

Sting was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016, and he officially announced his retirement from in-ring competition while he was standing at the podium giving his speech.

The Hall of Famer recently spoke to Sports Illustrated about his retirement, and he admitted that he was unsure about making the announcement until it actually happened.

“I didn’t know if I was going to make any kind of announcement until I did it at the Hall of Fame,” said Sting. “I was wavering, I was kind of back-and-forth on it. I got hurt wrestling Seth [Rollins], and the neurosurgeons and everybody [were] saying I needed surgery, and then I had trouble with cervical spinal stenosis, or whatever they call it, and there were two areas in my neck that were really messed up bad, although I don’t have any pain or side-effects. One more bad fall and it’s not going to be good for me, so I just thought enough was enough.”

Even though Sting is currently retired, he’s said several times that he still wants to face The Undertaker, but he seems to have no regrets when it comes to his career.

“Undertaker,” confirmed Sting. “Now do I regret not leaving [sooner for WWE]? That’s actually a good question, but a tough one to answer. On one side, it’s easy to say, ‘Yeah, I wish I would have gone earlier.’ On the other hand, I really don’t have any regrets. But my dream match for more than a decade, or maybe two decades, was to have a good match against ‘Taker. I always wanted to have that.”

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