NXT is a great place but sometimes they create huge stars who are only big in developmental. The Ascension is a great example as they held the NXT Tag Team Championships for one day short of an entire year back in 2013. Of course, since their call-up, Konner and Viktor haven’t really found the same success on the main roster.

Some fans are getting worried about the idea that both Authors Of Pain and SAnitY were called up to the main roster since WrestleMania but neither team has done much. SAnitY hasn’t even really debuted yet and AOP is lucky to be featured on Main Event.

“They’re around, [AOP] and SAnitY they got brought up and remember the idea that ‘we’re not going to bring anyone up unless we have ideas for them? Well, they brought them up and now they have no ideas for them,” Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Live.

It was noted how packed the WWE Performance Center and WWE roster is at this point. But nobody’s being released because the company doesn’t need to clear up the room on the payroll.

“Number 1 they don’t have to let anyone go because they’re not under financial duress,” Meltzer continued. “They don’t wanna hand off guys that can do something. What if one of these guys they end up making a mistake about ends up bing Cody Rhodes? You know what I’m saying? They’re not looking at handing these indies back anyone who can be marketable for them.”

It was also noted that WWE main roster talent who don’t really have a lot to do should be showing up in NXT every now and then to work with the developmental roster. The Revival and Tyler Breeze were recently great examples of that and it was said that WWE did that kind of thing a lot 15-20 years ago, and they might need to start doing that again.

Only time will tell if Authors Of Pain and SAnitY end up getting the treatment they deserve on the main roster. But it would be a real shame to squash either of these fantastic teams after they did such a great job establishing themselves as such threats in NXT.

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