kenny omega

There are many people in the world of professional wrestling who think that Kenny Omega is one of the most talented wrestlers on the planet, but Jim Cornette isn’t one of them. Cornette has taken shots at Omega in the past, and he’s even gone as far as saying he wants to Punch Omega’s face. Cornette recently went off on one of Omega’s close friends when he ripped on Kota Ibushi after a fan posted a gif of Ibushi performing the Canadian Destroyer on a doll.

Cornette responded to the gif by calling Ibushi a “piece of s**t” and he also called Kenny Omega a “disgrace to our business.”

Kenny Omega responded to the bashing session by letting Cornette know that he doesn’t appreciate being tagged in the tweet.

It’s safe to say Jim Cornette probably won’t be warming up to Kenny Omega anytime soon.