sasha banks

At WrestleMania 35, Sasha Banks and Bayley dropped the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles to the IIconics, and Sasha Banks hasn’t appeared on WWE programming since.

This week the WWE Superstar Shake-Up kicked off, and the Boss N’ Hug Connection was split up when Bayley got sent to SmackDown Live.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, putting the belts on the IIconics was not a last minute decision, and many people in the company knew about it.

However, Sasha Banks and Bayley weren’t told they were dropping the belts until the day of WrestleMania, and they were also told on WrestleMania Sunday that they were being split up.

It’s not clear if they were told they would be on different brands, but they were informed they would no longer be teaming up.

Banks and Bayley were reportedly upset, as they expected they would be getting a run with the belts that would establish the titles as something meaningful, and they didn’t want to be split up so quickly.

Banks tried to quit, but was given a few weeks off to figure out her next move. Bayley was said to be upset, but didn’t threaten to quit.