You never know what can happen when you watch WWE live and that goes double when you’re performing in New York City’s most famous arena. Nobody expected the United States Title Match between Kevin Owens and AJ Styles to end with a Phenomenal Champion, but that’s exactly what happened.

This might be a rather odd move on WWE’s part. We can’t remember the last time a WWE Championship changed hands at a house show, but that’s exactly what went down on Friday night in NYC. As you can see from the clip below AJ won clean in the middle of the ring so this leaves little room debating this issue.

As of this writing, the live event at Madison Square Garden is still on-going. But WWE tweeted an announcement saying that a new US Champion had been crowned in AJ Styles. There’s always the possibility of them switching the title off of AJ but for now, it looks like the title switch is sticking.

The Phenomenal One had to survive an Independence Day Battle Royal in order to win the chance to get a shot at Kevin Owen’s United States Championship at Battleground. But from the looks of it, AJ got a little impatient as he snatched KO’s title well before the July 23rd PPV.

Let’s just hope switching the US Title off of Owens isn’t a sign that the Prizefighter is in any kind of heat backstage. But from all accounts, Kevin Owens is still well-liked so that probably isn’t the issue.

If WWE was wanting to create a surprise moment for the MSG crowd then they certainly accomplished that feat. One thing’s for sure SmackDown Live is going to be very interesting next week because we’re sure Kevin Owens is going to have a lot to say about this matter.