mark henry

Mark Henry is The World’s Strongest Man. He is a WWE veteran and has been involved in some of the most memorable and ridiculous angles ever to grace Raw or SmackDown.

Throughout his career, Henry’s destroyed a ring, been humiliated by Chyna, and even fathered a rubber hand. He’s been game for just about anything, now it looks like his game is basketball. Needless to say, this one might take the cake.

Mark Henry can add one more amazing item to his list of awesomeness. Only this didn’t happen during a WWE sanctioned event. It happened at a NBA game.

Clutch the Rocket Bear is the mascot for the Houston Rockets. During the game, an imposter Clutch took to the court and assaulted San Antonio’s mascot. Mark Henry obviously had some kind of beef with the bear. Therefore the imposter Clutch had to be inducted into Mark Henry’s “Hall Of Pain.”

It all happened during Wednesday night’s playoff game between the Houston Rockets and the San Antonio Spurs. The two teams were playing in San Antonio and fans in attendance were rooting hard for their home team.

This game would normally have a lot of heat because both of these teams share a home state. But the feud got even more heated when Clutch the Rocket Bear attacked the San Antonio Spurs’ mascot The Coyote.

Mark Henry came to The Coyote’s aide and Clutch took two chair shots from Henry. The Rocket Bear got one poke in the gut and another across the back with a steel chair.

We’re not saying Mark Henry’s assistance was the main reason the Spurs wound up victorious. But they ended up beating the Houston Rockets 121-96 to tie the Western Conference Semifinals series at 1-1.

Mark Henry is a Texas native and obviously declared his favorite Texas NBA team with this move. At this point, let’s hope the Spurs keep advancing in the playoffs into the finals so Henry can lay some more chair shots to opposing mascots. This footage is classic and we would love to see some more mascot destruction, please.