The Big Show is a very big man. That is probably why they call him The Big Show. He’s been involved in all three exploding ring spots WWE has pulled off thus far. Big Show exploded the ring via superplex against Brock Lesnar on the 6/12/03 edition of SmackDown, Mark Henry at Vengeance 2011, and this past week against Braun Strowman on the 4/17/17 edition of Monday Night Raw in Columbus.

Thanks to social media savant Brian The Guppie we have a great video of all three WWE ring explosion spots in a row. There are plenty of repeats as well so we can get a good look at all three of them.

This video is awesome. It gives fans a great chance to study the similarities of all three times WWE has exploded their own ring. There are different versions of each spot and they’re put together really well so you can see them closely. He also threw in some slow motion replays which are really helpful.

We already mentioned an interview Big Show did with Sports Illustrated where he talked about how WWE exploded the ring when he did the spot against Brock Lesnar. They used a really intricate airbag system to pull it off. By the similarities of how each spot went down in this video it’s easy to see they’re probably still using the same technique.

It is very interesting to note WWE didn’t use the LED board on the hard camera side of the ring for the entire show due to the planned finale. We noticed this difference in the WWE ring during Raw but didn’t think anything of it. For all we knew, it was just a decision due to a mechanical issue. But now that we know this, next time we notice the WWE has an old-school apron instead of the LED board we’ll certainly be looking for a ring explosion spot.