The year is 2017 and Goldberg is one of the top champions in WWE. Yes, you read that right, it’s 2017, not 1998, but alas Goldberg is the champion. Goldberg’s age has advanced quite a bit since his heyday, as he’s currently 50 years old, and nowadays he has some very different priorities compared to his younger days.

Goldberg is a father and he’s said several times that he wanted his son to see him wrestle and that’s one of the things that motivated him to return to WWE. His son has obviously been enjoying the ride so far, and you can’t blame him. If you woke up one day and found out that your dad was one of the most famous wrestlers of all time you’d probably be pretty psyched too.

Goldberg takes his job as a father pretty seriously and he also takes his job as a role model pretty seriously as well. He’s been trying to set a positive example for the younger generation with his WWE return and he recently captured the Universal Title at Fastlane.

After Fastlane went off the air, Goldberg walked around the ringside area and he celebrated with the fans, but a few members of the audience seemed to really piss him off.

Goldberg apparently heard some fans using some naughty language during his celebration and he decided to go full Dad-Berg by calling them out and giving them a stern scolding. You can check out Dad-Berg in action via the video below.

With the way that WWE pushes PG programming nowadays it’s no wonder why Goldberg is getting such a monster push right now. He’s pretty much the ultimate ambassador of the PG Era which Vince McMahon probably loves.

Goldberg is supposed to be one of the most intimidating forces in wrestling history, but it’s impossible not to laugh at his fatherly outburst. Still, you can’t fault the guy for looking out for the younger generation. They truthfully don’t need to be exposed to foul language at such a young age.

It’s best to just let them stumble onto some “Stone Cold” Steve Austin promos or classic ECW footage at their own pace and let it happen naturally.