talking smack

Talking Smack was one of those things a lot of people took for granted. Fans just assumed it would never go away but they were sure wrong about that one. WWE Network canceled the after-SmackDown Live talk show and the internet lost their minds.

Daniel Bryan and Renee Young weren’t even told the show was being canceled until they saw the news themselves. John Cena was the final guest on the weekly show making him The Face That Closes The Place. But don’t fret, Talking Smack isn’t going away entirely as it will still cap off SmackDown exclusive PPVs.

Daniel Bryan said he wanted more than just a monthly chance to interview the top talent on SmackDown Live. He said he wanted to do an internet exclusive show when Talking Smack was canceled and it looks like he was a man of his word. That’s why Smacking Talk debuted this week and it was nothing short of awesome.

Renee Young and Daniel Bryan didn’t have the comfy set they were used to and the camera they were using might not have been full HD, but they did the best they could with what they had to work with. It actually had an appealing pirated feel to it.

The duo had Chad Gable on as their only guest and while the former American Alpha member was hanging out on the show, Daniel Bryan had a shocking announcement. Bryan pulled out a paternity test and revealed he was Chad Gable’s biological father. This was quite a revelation and worthy of a web exclusive show for sure.

Tout is pretty awesome for helping them out with this show. We doubt the Chad Gable/Daniel Bryan reveal will make it into actual WWE canon, but it’s still an amazing Easter egg of knowledge to have up your sleeve.

We hope these Smacking Talk episodes continue to air. If fans can’t get Talking Smack anymore, this is certainly a suitable replacement for now.