brock lesnar

Brock Lesnar is unlike any other athlete on the planet, so when he enters a room people take notice.

Former WWE Superstar Wade Barrett recently decided to share a funny Brock Lesnar story while speaking with Inside The Ropes, and he explained that in his entire time on the road with WWE he only saw Brock Lesnar in the gym once.

He noted that it was a Gold’s Gym and 7 or 8 WWE Superstars were there including Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Bray Wyatt and Fandango. According to Barrett, Brock Lesnar walked in as they were finishing up and getting ready to leave, and everyone else in the gym stopped what there were doing as Lesnar entered.

The former Intercontinental Champion went on to say that one kid in particular took it upon himself to follow Brock around, and things got a little awkward when the fan followed him into the bathroom.

“Now, obviously in gyms you get a lot of big bodybuilders, and steroid guys, and tough looking guys, and stuff like that, but nobody has ever seen anything like Brock. People either knew him because he was in WWE, or they knew him because he was this UFC Heavyweight Champion, or they were just looking at him like they had never seen a human being that looked like that before, but everyone was staring at him. Well we didn’t think too much of it and we go, ‘Hey Brock, how are you doing?’ And we leave and head off to the showers and he goes off and starts working out, presumably. So we’re finishing up in the changing rooms, we’re all putting our suits on and stuff, finishing doing up our shirts, and then all of a sudden, Brock walks into the changing room and he looks at us and goes, ‘This kid keeps following me around every time I go to a machine! He’s next to me every time I go to a bench, he always comes and sits next to me! He’s really pissing me off.’ We go, ‘Oh okay, see you at the building, Brock, whatever,’ And then Brock walks past us and goes into the back room, the toilet area of the changing room. He goes around the corner.

“Anyway, we’re finishing up and then suddenly, this nervous, sixteen-year-old, nerdy kid pops his head around the locker room. Sometimes we get that and people are excited because they’ve seen us on TV and we’re wrestlers for WWE, and they want to meet us. This kid did not care about us at all, it was like we were invisible. He’s sneaking around, he’s looking past us, and then suddenly, he spots the toilet area which was just around the corner from where we’re at. This kid kind of stumbles past, walks around the corner, and disappears. A small part of me wanted to tell this kid, ‘No, this isn’t the day.’ But another part of my brain thought, ‘Ya know, the boy has to learn.’ So I didn’t say anything; I just kind of looked at Bray Wyatt and he kind of shrugged his shoulders. We all knew that something bad was about to happen. We were just waiting; we were frozen in time. Suddenly, all you hear is, ‘Are you trying to see my f–king penis?!’ Followed by this terrified sixteen-year-old running out of there, through the door, never to be seen again.”

Barrett added that following the incident at the gym WWE Superstars would jokingly ask each other “Are you trying to see my penis?!” and it became a running joke backstage.

The full clip can be seen below.

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