tito ortiz

Alberto Del Rio is set to make his return to MMA as it’s been announced that he’ll be fighting Tito Ortiz at a Combate Americas event at some point this year.

Ortiz was asked about the fight during an interview on the Domenick Nati Show, and he predicted that he will defeat Del Rio in the first round.

“Well you know, it will be a three-round fight. Three, five-minute rounds. And I will train for three, five-minute rounds. Coming from the WWE, those guys can take a beating. Let’s see if Alberto can take a beating for a round. I guarantee it will be just like the last one, nice and short.”

Tito was also asked if the rivalry between them is personal, or if they’re just fighting to fight. Ortiz seemed to indicate that there is no animosity between the two of them but he noted that they have different beliefs when it comes to Donald Trump’s wall.

Tito Ortiz noted that he’s a Trump supporter 100 percent, but Alberto Del Rio doesn’t think that a wall should be built, and that’s one area where they disagree.