corey graves

Vince Russo is a controversial figure to say the least. Over the years Russo has earned quite the reputation for himself because he’s never afraid to speak his mind, regardless of whether or not people agree with what he has to say.

Monday night Vince Russo tuned in to Raw, and he criticized the announcers for no selling the Jason Jordan vs. Braun Strowman match, and he also decided to take a shot at Corey Graves when he posted the following:

“Guess announcers aren’t that excited about Jordan/Strowman. Total, total NO SELL. Hey, Corey—Pee Wee Herman called–he wants his suit back. #TOOL”

Yes, that’s right, it’s 2017 and Vince Russo busted out a Pee Wee Herman diss.

Vince Russo made a name for himself during the Monday Night Wars as one of the writers behind the Attitude Era, but Corey Graves thinks that the “driving force” of the Attitude Era needs to work on his insults.

“Wow. It’s amazing that the “driving force” behind the Attitude Era relies on the same insults as my 9-year old. Just shout me out for giving your podcast some traffic. You’re a great Christian.”

Who do you think won this round, Corey Graves or Vince Russo? Sound off in the comments below.