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Over the years fans have seen some interesting gimmicks on WWE programming, and some fans were baffled when LA Knight was called up to the main roster as a manager named Max Dupri. The character clearly wasn’t the right fit for LA Knight, but he’s been able to bounce back and become one of the top stars in the company.

WWE recently cut some talent and two of the names who got released were Mace and Mansoor. Both former WWE stars worked with LA Knight in the Maximum Male Models stable which they discussed on a Twitch stream following their release. According to Mansoor, Vince McMahon almost fired LA Knight during his run as Max Dupri because he hated his performance.

Mansoor: “There is no heat with LA Knight. He was going to get fired. He was this close to getting let go because, for whatever reason, Vince hated his Max Dupri performance.”

Mace: “He wanted him to be softer.”

Mansoor: “Like a scummy agent. It was never the right role for him. I was always saying ‘let me be Max Dupri.’ I begged them. ‘Let me talk, let me be someone’s manager.’ I can talk, nobody knows that I can talk. It’s just not how it worked. No heat with him. He took the best of a really bad situation, strapped himself onto his own rocket, and shot up when nobody was helping him.”

Luckily for LA Knight things have turned around in a big way as he’s currently being pushed as one of the biggest babyfaces on the SmackDown brand. Stay tuned for more updates on LA Knight as they become available.

H/T Fightful