This week WWE released a number of Superstars including former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler. The wrestling world has been processing the news and Ziggler has received a lot of support on social media from names like Big E and John Cena.

The Rock also made it a point to say that he will always be a Dolph Ziggler supporter when he posted the following on X:

“Just seeing all these releases now.
These days so f’n tough for the ones who gave their all to our crazy world of pro wrestling. Like @HEELZiggler. What a decorated @WWE career and I’ll always be a supporter and fan. Can’t wait to see what he (and everyone) does next… #onward”

It’s believed that the released main roster talents will have to wait out a 90 day non-compete clause. At this point it’s not clear what Dolph Ziggler’s next move will be when he becomes a free agent, or if he plans to continue wrestling. Stay tuned for more updates on Dolph Ziggler’s status as they become available.