You never know who might show up on the main roster and last week on Friday Night SmackDown fans saw Ludwig Kaiser and Gunther join the blue brand.

Gunther has recently undergone quite the physical transformation, and Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that the former NXT UK Champion was told to lose weight.

“I know he was told (to lose weight), and he listened, unlike other people who thought that being big was really good and were told and didn’t listen, and now are somewhere else. Which is Keith Lee, I’m not beating around the bush on that. Vince wants slim people on TV.”

Recently Gunther spoke to Wrestling Inc. about his new physique and he explained how shifting his focus to nutrition has made a big difference in how he looks.

“I guess I eat less. I always worked out a lot, but for the first time, I have really focused on my nutrition. These guys really pushed me. I’ve got to say, when I was a wrestling fan, I always liked the look of the solid heavyweights in Japan who had a little bit of a gut carrying around, just brawls and stuff like that. But, at the end of the day, you’ve got to go with the times, and evolve a little bit, and that’s what I did.”

Stay tuned for more updates on Gunther as they become available.

H/T WrestleTalk