It would be hard to imagine WWE without Vince McMahon. But, as it would seem it is possibly for Vince to miss a show and there’s no way fans can tell the difference. Payback was live from San Jose on Sunday April 30th. The show was stacked with Raw superstars and the night was filled with incredible action. As it would turn out, one very important man didn’t make the trip. But the show carried on as planned.

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MLW Radio reports Vince McMahon wasn’t at Payback. He missed the show entirely and no real reason was given. But let’s face the facts, Vince is getting older. He’s 71-years-old at this point. He’s not the young man he used to be. Reports are Vince has been showing a lot of wear when he would normally no-sell his tiredness after making some of those multiple-day runs with WWE.

Speculation is Vince might have missed the Payback show because he doesn’t like traveling out West. Therefore, he skipped the 3-day loop of shows. Vince McMahon has traveled a lot in his life, and he apparently wants to lighten his travel schedule as much as he can at this point.

He probably wanted to hold back on making the West Coast run of shows to save himself the exhaustion. Vince is a busy man though, he’s got a biopic coming out about his life. So, he might be saving some energy because he knows his travel schedule is likely going to pick up in a big way very soon.

Vince used to make all the towns he would with his company. But now that he’s got such a sturdy infrastructure together, he might be finally allowing himself to take a break every now and then. But for whatever reason, Vince is selective about what dates he will make nowadays. After all, he has the luxury to do whatever he wants at this point.