vince mcmahon

Rumors have been churning about Vince McMahon’s renewed interest in starting up another professional football league. It turns out that WWE filed for the XFL trademark earlier this year and while some thought it had a lot to do with the 30 For 30 special and WWE possibly wanting to market some merchandise, it turns out there could be way more to this story.

The filing for another XFL trademark was put in on June 18th, 2017 and it was given allowance to use as of November 11th. These trademarks are for TV and merchandise as well and were actually filed by WWE, not Alpha Entertainment which is the new company Vince McMahon is reportedly working all of this through.

It is unknown the exact reason why Vince McMahon would have started up Alpha Entertainment, but some believe it has to do with their shareholders who might not like the idea of WWE money going to fund another football league. But we’ll have to find out what will happen on January 25, 2018, when an announcement is rumored to take place.

Now it looks like there are even more trademark filings coming to light as well. A recent trademark filing shows McMahon’s Alpha Entertainment, LLC has trademarked “URFL” and “UrFL” according to

This filing took place on September 30th which would make sense in regards to the timeline of events. Therefore, it looks like the name they’re using is likely going to be the “United Football League.”

This filing also has a lot more to do with Vince McMahon as well seeing how it was done by K&L Gates LLP which is Jerry McDevitt’s law firm who happens to be Vince’s long-time attorney.

Here are some of the other filings which were recently put through on the matter as well:

United Football League on 9/21 by VKM Ventures, LLC
URFL on 9/20 by Alpha Entertainment LLC
UFL on 9/21 by VKM Ventures, LLC
For The Love Of Football on 9/20 by VKM Ventures, LLC

Things are getting really interesting but that just leaves us with one question: are you ready for some football?