justin credible

Blitzkrieg Pro’s event in Enfield, CT on December 15th seemed to be going well until Justin Credible decided he wanted to be a bigger part of the show. He rolled inside the ring and what happened next would be unbelievable if it hadn’t been caught on video.

It turns out you can never really believe someone when they say that they’re sober. This a really sad thing to see because Justin Credible has so many people who believe in him and have his back. But when he showed up at an indie show like this and makes a scene there can be little forgiving these actions.

You can hear some of the people asking if this is a shoot at the beginning of the video, and it becomes all too painfully obvious that this is a very real situation. After being denied a microphone, Credible started to cut a promo without one before being cut off while being told he is a disgrace.

It was not a happy scene and we can imagine so many better circumstances that we’d rather see Justin Credible take part in. But the ECW legend really made a scene here leaving little doubt that he was intoxicated and needing some kind of help.

The promoter finally interrupted Credible by yelling, “You were my hero growing up! I swear to God. And you are a freaking disgrace right now.”

He continued in saying, “I’m the guy that’s paying you tonight and asked you not to come here because you reek like booze and you tell everybody that you’re sober. You’re not. And all these people paid to see you and you’re in there glossed over, stumbling everywhere. Get out!”

“I came here to honor you and you will never ever, ever, ever, ever remember this” Credible replied as everyone seemed to laugh at the irony of his statement. But this really is no laughing matter.

We wish Justin Credible the best and hope he can figure some things out.