kurt angle

This week on Raw featured a segment where Kurt Angle finally spilled the beans. After months of wondering what his secret might be and why Corey Graves was involved people finally found out what was going on.

The Olympic Hero was hiding a son that nobody knew about and he happened to be WWE Superstar Jason Jordan (isn’t it funny how everything seems to work like that?).

Jason Jordan and his papa Kurt sat down with Renee Young after Raw went off the air to shed even more light on the situation. First off, Jordan and Angle said they were happy they made the announcement and are excited about this new chapter. They wanted to thank the WWE Universe for their support as well.

Jason said he found out he was adopted right after college and he always wondered where his athletic ability came from. Kurt was very proud of his baby boy when he heard that.

Jordan said he waited a while to find out who his birth-parents were but finally hired a private investigator in order to track down his mother. When he finally met his mother, she was hesitant to tell him who his daddy was and it was a difficult conversation. But when Jordan finally found out his daddy was Kurt Angle it all started to make sense.

It was still pretty shocking for Jordan when he found out who his dad was though.

Kurt didn’t do a whole lot of talking. He mostly just sat there and grinned while Jason told his story. Angle did say he didn’t want Jason Jordan to make the same kind of mistakes in life that he did.

Jason said being on Raw with a GM for his father won’t be an unfair advantage because he got there on his own and intended on it staying that way. After hearing this Angle said his boy has all three I’s: intensity, intelligence, and integrity.

When Renee asked if Jason was going to follow in his father’s footsteps Jordan assured her he will someday be a champion. “It’s true” Kurt replied.

So how do you think this one will play out? Let us know in the comments below.