vince mcmahon

WWE announced on Monday that Vince McMahon suffered an injury while training and that he was set to undergo surgery, but was expected back at work on Wednesday. It was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Vince McMahon tore a quad while he was doing squats.

Last week TNA aired the¬†highly anticipated follow-up to The Final Deletion aired on Impact. The segment was called Delete or Decay and it featured The Broken Hardys facing off against the Decay at Matt Hardy’s compound in North Carolina.

The Broken Hardys managed to fight off the The Decay and protect King Maxel, but Senor Benjamin was abducted by Decay and it seemed that all hope was lost.

Broken Matt Hardy posted an update on Twitter saying that Senor Benjamin has been found, and footage of his rescue will air this week on Impact.

If you missed Delete or Decay the first time around you can watch it in its entirety via the link below:

Watch Delete Or Decay – The Director’s Cut From Start To Finish