Roman Reigns was a busy man Sunday night at the Royal Rumble. He challenged Kevin Owens for the Universal Title, got destroyed by Braun Strowman and he later entered the Royal Rumble in the number 30 spot.

Once Roman Reigns was in the Royal Rumble he set his sights on The Undertaker and he threw him over the top rope. After The Undertaker was eliminated he had a stare down with Roman Reigns and it looks like Reigns and Taker are set to clash at WrestleMania 33.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Vince McMahon has been wanting to book Roman Reigns in a match against The Undertaker for some time now. It was clear to anyone who watched the Royal Rumble that The Undertaker wasn’t in the best of shape, and given his current condition WrestleMania 33 could be the last chance for him to face Reigns.

The Undertaker needs hip replacement surgery, but it is said that he’s putting it off until the end of his career.

There is an idea being discussed that the match could serve as a generational passing of the torch, but the obvious problem with a Taker/Reigns match is that Roman will get booed out of the building. It’s possible that Roman Reigns could defeat Taker and then turn heel, with the story being that the fans turned on him, but the long-term plan is still for Roman to be the face of the company.

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  1. well, I don’t dislike Reigns like most of the WWE Fans do. but if He (or infact anyone else) is going to give The Undertaker another defeat at WrestleMania. I am done.

    • it would only work if they teased a heel turn before the match at mania and during the match have Roman low blow taker take him to the outside absolutely destroy taker while screaming to the fans “You made me do this” then throw him in the ring and just start taunting the fans before spearing the deadman. Then the next night on raw have Roman come out and say he ended taker career