tommaso ciampa

Thursday night was definitely not a good night for Team DIY member Tommaso Ciampa. The former NXT Tag Team Champion competed against Sanity in a tag team match at the NXT live event in Highland Heights, KY, and the match had to be stopped after Ciampa took a dive off the apron to the outside.

After the match was stopped, Ciampa was taken to the back and fans feared the worst.

It’s never good when a match has to be stopped, and it’s definitely not good when the person who suffers a possible injury is set to compete in a NXT Tag Team Title match at NXT TakeOver: Chicago. Luckily it looks like Tommaso Ciampa will be able to compete in the match.

Triple H held a NXT media conference call today and he said that Ciampa turned his ankle at the event, so the match was stopped as a precaution. Tommaso Ciampa was x-rayed and it was determined that there was no serious damage and he only sprained his ankle.

He went on to say that he texted with Ciampa and Ciampa confirmed he’s up and moving around today. He’s set to be checked on once again tomorrow, and as of right now the NXT Tag Team Title ladder match is still on.