When Rusev was pulled from his high-profile match against The Undertaker at the Greatest Royal Rumble it made plenty of people wonder what was really going on. Fans started to put the pieces together to form a rather convincing case illustrating that Rusev might be on his way out of WWE.

But as it turns out those rumors were just that and nothing was ever confirmed. Bryan Alvarez recently discussed Rusev’s current status with WWE and the Greatest Royal Rumble on Wrestling Observer Live where he put a lot of fans’ minds at ease.

“So yesterday we had heard from somebody that WWE was not pleased with a tweet that Rusev had sent out. He had sent out a tweet saying ‘bury me slowly’ or something like that and then there was a TMZ interview — I don’t know if they actually said that Undertaker had an old ass or not, that was the headline of the TMZ thing.”

“So I guess the presumption was that is why he was pulled. But at the end of the day, it has nothing to do with why he was pulled. It is a social media storyline. Rusev is still likely going to go in the Battle Royal and they’re all having fun at everyone’s expense.”

So there you go, we live in a day and age where “social media storylines” are a thing and it looks like people might have gotten roped into one of these new worked incarnations thanks to the Reality Era.

It’s nice to know Rusev isn’t having that bad of a time with WWE. After all, things got a little confusing when he started to wash WWE from his social media accounts. But as long as Rusev is still making plenty of money while he crushes and celebrates Rusev Day, he’s likely not leaving anytime soon. But he will still probably be traveling to Saudi Arabia with the rest of the roster on April 27th.

If you use any portion of the quotes in this article please credit Wrestling Observer Live with a H/T to Still Real To Us for the transcription