Over the last few days everyone has been talking about NXT possibly going live on USA Network and now the wrestling world is waiting for WWE to make an official announcement.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Oberver Radio that NXT to USA Network is a done deal, and talents were told that the announcement would be made on Monday, but obviously that didn’t happen.

It’s not known why the announcement was pushed back, but it was noted that it has to be cleared with USA Network.

The plan is to air NXT on USA Network every Wednesday from 8 to 10 PM. Whether or not the show will be live every single week or taped every other week has yet to be decided.

There’s speculation that Vince McMahon won’t be at the shows but he will likely have input. If everything goes smooth it’s expected that not much will change, but if the ratings aren’t good changes will be made on a weekly basis.

With the Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule for TV tapings and the XFL set to launch in 2020 it was also speculated that neither Triple H or Vince McMahon will be able to attend all three TV tapings every week.

Vince McMahon wanted to go with USA over FS1 for NXT because USA has a built in wrestling audience. The USA Network deal for NXT is said to be worth “50 million or more” and thanks to the deal NXT will now become a profitable brand for the first time.

September 18th is reportedly the expected launch date for NXT on USA Network.