brock lesnar

Brock Lesnar has been a very hot topic this year, as fans are waiting to see if he’s ultimately going to stay with WWE, or leave to join UFC.

There seems to be some uncertainty regarding Brock Lesnar’s future, and WWE has been more than happy to use the uncertainty as part of their storylines on TV.

Last week on Raw, Kurt Angle announced that he was setting up a match to determine the next challenger for Brock’s title, but this week WWE announced that contract negotiations for Brock’s next title defense have stalled.

It’s been expected that Brock Lesnar would be defending his title at SummerSlam this year, and WrestleVotes is reporting that’s still the case.

As far as Brock’s opponent goes, it’s been rumored that Roman Reigns will be getting another title shot, but it’s also worth noting that WWE seems to be pushing Bobby Lashley as a contender as well.

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