dolph ziggler

Dolph Ziggler shocked the world last week when he defeated Seth Rollins to become the Intercontinental Champion.

Ziggler has been on the wrong end of some bad booking decisions over the course of his WWE career, but it seems that he’s in a good spot at the moment.

Dolph’s recent push came out of nowhere, but it seems to be working for the Showoff. Mike Johnson of PWInsider recently discussed Dolph’s renewed push, and he speculated that WWE officials could be pushing him in hopes that he will be persuaded to sign a new deal with the company (via Ringside News).

“I don’t know how WWE will follow up on this but if they are smart, they’re well on their way of finally after so many years rebooting Dolph Ziggler and getting him into a position of prominence. Now what’s interesting is Ziggler’s deal is up later this summer. If they are going to invest in Dolph and get him to re-up with this company, now is the time to do it. Hopefully this is a case where they are going to sincerely push him and they are going to finally make him the asset he’s always been for that company and kinda overlooked. Instead of being overlooked by the company, it’s not a case of lets use him now and get him locked in and once he signs paper to pencil we can toss him to the waste side again.”

Dolph defended his Intercontinental Championship against Seth Rollins on Raw this week, but the match ended in a disqualification.

It’s rumored that Dolph will put the belt on the line against Rollins once again at Extreme Rules next month.