braun strowman

Sunday night at Great Balls of Fire, Roman Reigns tried to destroy Braun Strowman when he threw him in the back of an ambulance then backed it into a semi-truck. Raw General Manager Kurt Angle said on Raw that he’s not sure when Braun Strowman will return, and now WWE has posted an update on his condition.

According to, Braun is being cared for by his personal physician, and it was also noted that a public announcement will be made if Braun is able to return to the ring.

“While Strowman miraculously walked out of Dallas under his own power after refusing medical attention, can confirm that he is currently in the care of his personal physician and will not disclose the nature of his injuries at this time. Also, per Angle’s office, if and when Strowman is cleared to compete again, there will be a public announcement confirming his status.”

A few weeks ago Rusev announced that he would be returning to SmackDown Live to demand a title shot, but he never showed up. Rusev did recently return to SmackDown Live last week, but he’s nowhere near the title picture as he’s currently feuding with John Cena.

Rusev likely doesn’t approve of the SmackDown Live title picture at the moment because he’s not in it, and he doesn’t appear to be a fan of the Raw title scene either. He took it upon himself to mock America last night during Raw when he commented on the Universal Title picture.

Next week Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe will face off on Raw to determine who will face Brock Lesnar for the title at SummerSlam.