Photo: WWE

Whenever someone comes from another pro wrestling company into WWE the general expectation is that WWE will do right by them. But in the case of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows things might not have turned out the way they deserved.

The Club are former Raw Tag Team Champions and they looked good holding the titles. But the Good Brothers soon lost their tag team gold and found themselves losing on quite a regular basis.

It is true The Club are heels and WWE generally likes to let babyfaces go over, but that doesn’t seem to be the norm nowadays. So why does The Club still keep getting the shaft so to speak?

Even though The Club beat the Hardy Boyz clean on Raw this week it seemed they were only opening up the chance for The Revival to come down and pick up the scraps. Therefore it does appear WWE doesn’t like giving much attention to Anderson and Gallows for some reason.

Kenny Omega and The Club have a very close relationship to say the least. They were a part of the Bullet Club in New Japan and their friendship is evident on social media. The Cleaner recently posted a picture of a Japanese magazine that featured The Bullet Club on their cover. Omega said it was a rare but hard earned cover page for the Bullet Club.

Karl Anderson replied to Kenny Omega’s tweet by saying “they hate giving Good Brothers the cover.” He followed it up with a congratulations, but you could tell there might be some resentment held in his short statement.

Maybe The Club are just waiting it out until they can mix it up with the top of the Raw tag team division once again. After all tag teams seem to have their highs and lows. But the fact is The Club really might deserve more of a featured role in WWE.