It’s kind of been a strange time for WWE recently. You never know how much a WWE Superstar is really enjoying his or her position in the company until they just walk out and ask for their release. This practice has always been a possibility but it hasn’t really become a trend until recently.

CM Punk is one of the most high profile stars to walk out on WWE, but other high profile walkouts have included “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels. More recently it seems Neville has taken his ball and went home too.

There are rumors circulating saying another high-profile name might have walked out before Raw on October 9th. Nia Jax is the Girl Who’s Not Like Most Girls for many reasons.

“Believe it or not, I’m hearing yet another superstar was upset backstage at RAW and possibly walked out. Not kidding. Looking into it now” WrestleVotes tweeted out last week.

They went on to clarify they’re looking into it, but since Jax wasn’t featured on Raw leaving Alexa Bliss to tag with Emma, there seemed to be more to this situation.

At this point, it might be a good idea to pay close attention to Nia Jax’s social media activity which doesn’t really show any signs of her WWE departure and there apparently won’t be any. However, it’s interesting to note Nia Jax was absent from WWE’s recent house shows which might have fueled this speculation even more.

Nia Jax still seems to be a part of the WWE family by tweeting support for Nikki Bella on Dancing With The Stars as well as other WWE-related things.


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