The desire to have WrestleMania in any American big city is becoming apparent. The fact is when WrestleMania comes to your city more people make money than just WWE. At this point WrestleMania is a destination event. People come from all around the world to Mania’s host city for dining, lodging, and tourist activity.

Dave Meltzer was recently asked on an episode of Wrestling Observer Radio which cities are vying to host WrestleMania 35 and 36. His response was that a plethora of cities are currently throwing their hat in the ring to host the Show Of Shows.

Meltzer said cities like St Louis, Philadelphia, and Minneapolis have applied to host WrestleMania in the next couple of years. He noted several more cities were trying to attain WrestleMania as well, but those were the three certain city names that he could think of.

A city like Columbus, Ohio would also be a perfect location due to the Horseshoe and how many people they could pack in there. But weather in Central Ohio is rather unpredictable around April and there’s no roof for the home of Ohio State Football. Therefore that one might never happen, although logic might dictate it could be a supreme location for SummerSlam down the line.

If you were wondering what was going on with the Lana/Tamina story line then you’re not alone. After Lana suffered her third-straight loss to Naomi on the Fourth Of July edition of SmackDown Live she just sat in the middle of the ring and cried.

Tamina came down to the ring and told Lana to follow her. The whole encounter had an Orange Is The New Black feel to it and this writer isn’t the only one who made that observation.

Meltzer said Lana was paired up with MaryKate in NXT who is now known as Sage Miller. People might know Miller from her work in TNA as Rosie Lottalove. She retired in 2012 but returned to pro wrestling in 2014 after losing over 130 pounds.

Sage Miller obviously wasn’t called up as Lana’s bodyguard so WWE put Tamina in that role. It might be good for Lana as a learning experience to be paired up with someone like Tamina Snuka as she can probably benefit from her knowledge of the business.


    • WWE sent out a survey to people that went to Wrestlemania this past year, and Indy was one of the places they were judging interest in.

      I drive past Lucas Oil stadium all the time, but I’m not that familiar with downtown. Are the basketball arena and convention center close by? That’s one of the important things now. The stadium has to be NFL level, the arena has to be NBA level, and the convention center has to be convenient to both. Even Dallas had problems with stuff being so spread out.