great balls of fire

Sunday night the first ever WWE Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view is set to air live on the WWE Network, and wrestling fans all over the world are still scratching their heads trying to figure out why the company would name an event Great Balls of Fire.

Raw General Manager Kurt Angle recently spoke to the Dallas Observer about the event, and the interviewer couldn’t help but ask him about the name. Angle says that the show was dubbed Great Balls of Fire simply because Vince McMahon thought the name was hilarious, and he expects that this event will return in the future.

“That’s a pretty incredible name for a wrestling show, isn’t it? The head honcho Vince McMahon thought that the name was hilarious, and that’s pretty much the entire story. You never know when it comes to Vince, but he’s usually right, so we trust him. Vince loves the name, so I expect it to become an annual event.”

After all the commotion that the name has caused, it’s good to know that Vince McMahon is in on the joke too.

The name Great Balls of Fire is hilarious, that’s for sure, and over the course of his career Kurt Angle has done some pretty hilarious things both inside and outside of the squared circle.

Kurt knows a thing or two about character development, and he also revealed that up and coming stars such as Sami Zayn and the Fashion Police have approached him for advice.

Well, it’s not only the wrestler’s responsibility but also the writing staff. There are guys today that I love. Sami Zayn and the Fashion Police are a couple examples of guys who approached me for advice on how to improve their characters. It’s about taking chances. Rarely do fans approach me and say, “I remember the classic match you had against so-and-so”. Instead fans usually say to me, “I remember that time you drove a milk truck to the ring. Or when you wore a tiny cowboy hat and sang with Stone Cold Steve Austin.” It’s the moments that the fans love and remember. It goes well beyond just wrestling.”

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