eva marie

It is perhaps considered one of the more unrealistic ideas to come out of the WWE, but it seems there are still plans to make Eva Marie the face of the Women’s Division on Smackdown Live.

Eva was set to make her debut on SmackDown following the draft two weeks ago but instead feigned an injury that saw her limp out of the arena and avoid a potentially physical and humiliating match against Becky Lynch.

Many of the WWE Universe were concerned about the injury given that it seemed she had suffered it out of nowhere since the match hadn’t even begun before she began limping, but it has been reported that the injury is all part of a story line that WWE are creating that will see her pushed to the top.

The one problem with this story line is that WWE played on similar a few years ago involving Fandango, the dancing star refused to wrestle for a good few weeks before he finally had his first match and stole the show.

If Eva fails to do exactly the same then it would only serve to further hinder her career in the eyes of the WWE Universe. The 2013 Diva Search winner hasn’t had the greatest start to her wrestling career after being booed out of almost every arena as a part of NXT, injuring Carmella and being a part of many botched spots in her matches.

She was originally hired by WWE to be a part of E! Reality show Total Divas she was then thrown onto the main roster without any prior wrestling experience and fans wondered why she was unable to wrestle as well as full trained athletes.

Eva then made the decision to head back down to NXT and concentrate on building her wrestling career rather than having such a main role on the show. Eva was then trained by former Tag Team Champion Brian Kendrick and even took over his Sliced Bread No 2 finishing move and re-named it Sliced Red.

Even this didn’t gain Eva the respect The Company thought it would and when she re-debuted on NXT she was once again booed out of the building, so much so that WWE changed their plans and decided that she would work better as a heel.

There is definitely no doubting the fact that Eva has shown immense ring improvement over the past few months and it must have been a hard journey for her given that she has been under a microscope with the fans for the past three years.

The SmackDown Live Brand has already stated that it will be concentrating more on the wrestling and less on the promos and politics behind the scenes. This means that Eva will be forced to allow her wrestling to speak for her if she wants to remain as part of this brand.

With the likes of Mickie James and Melina being rumoured for WWE returns in the near future it could mean that Eva will have some highly experienced women in the locker room to learn from.

Add this to the fact that Daniel Bryan let slip about the SmackDown Women’s Championship and there is a feeling that the company could be looking at Eva Marie to be their first Champion.

They need to put some trust in her eventually and allow the WWE Universe to see that she has improved in the ring and she can be taken seriously as an athlete. She has the look that WWE are hoping for with their Women and it seems all the officials backstage are already big fans of her.

WWE’s biggest problem now will be winning over fans who have appeared on Social Media over the past few years slating her and even booed her loudly so that she can’t even finish her scripted promos.

The only thing Eva herself can do is step in the ring and prove everyone wrong, she is still yet to wrestle since she was drafted so if she does finally have her first match and it is a show stealing performance then she will definitely change their opinions, but if she doesn’t or if she fails again, then the backlash will be absolutely enormous.



  1. Happy to hear that WWE will be showing more of EVA MARIE…Who cares if you little weenies think she can’t wrestle….She’s gorgeous…….

  2. I love Eva and have since I first saw her so long as she can keep the heat on that is what matters she can and will gain better skills she just needs to get more opportunities to wrestle.