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Conor McGregor certainly isn’t making any new friends in the wrestling world at the moment.

McGregor recently participated in a UFC conference call and he when he was asked about WWE he said that most WWE guys are, “messed up p**sies.”

You probably know what happened next, the internet exploded. McGregor made a sort of backhanded apology on Twitter earlier today when he said he didn’t mean to disrespect the WWE fans, but he added that he would slap the head off of the entire roster.

The wrestling community hasn’t responded well to Conor McGregor’s comments as Kurt Angle told him to get his head out of Dana White’s a**.

Former WWE Champion Roman Reigns has also responded by saying McGregor is the size of his leg.

Former WWE United States Champion also chimed in with the following:

Sasha Banks also told McGregor to “bring it.”