the undertaker

Although Raw’s broadcast might have ended with Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho having a great night, their celebration didn’t last long as The Undertaker soon made it clear that he was still in the building. After Raw went off the air, The Dead Man returned to the ring to give the New Orleans crowd one last bit of action.

Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens bantered with Taker on the mic for a moment as Y2J reminded him that the last time they were in the ring he took Undertaker’s World Heavyweight Championship, and Owens remarked that Taker is his mother’s favorite wrestler. But, Taker didn’t let them have fun at his expense for too long.

Y2J threatened to physically remove Undertaker from the ring, while KO pointed out that “I don’t know him well, but it looks like you’ve upset him.” In a move which isn’t very becoming of a best friend, Kevin pushed Chris into The Undertaker allowing him to take Jericho down with a chokeslam.

Owens tried to save his own skin for a moment as he extended a handshake to the former American Badass while apologizing for his friend’s remarks and said that it was a thrill to meet The Undertaker. Unfortunately for Mr. Owens, his handshake was greeted by a duplicate chokeslam.

The Undertaker promptly left the ring after ending the Kevin and Chris show as he had obviously made his point.