the undertaker

The Undertaker is arguably the most legendary wrestler of all time, and he has one of the most iconic entrances in the history of professional wrestling. In a few weeks fans will be able to set up their own dream matches with The Undertaker when WWE 2K18 is released, and 2K has unveiled The Undertaker’s entrance video from the game which can be viewed below.

Braun Strowman and The New Day’s entrance videos have also been released, and they can be viewed below.

Sami Zayn is currently a member of the SmackDown Live roster, and he recently spoke to about WWE’s upcoming U.K. tour and more. During the interview he talked about his the current generation of wrestlers stands apart from previous generations, and he noted that the WWE wellness policy keeps people in check.

Yes, but it’s not just the wrestling industry that has changed, the world has changed. Unfortunately a lot of that generation paid a very heavy price for it. And it would be very silly for our generation to not learn from their mistakes. Not to mention the WWE wellness policy as well, which I think is a great thing, honestly. It sort of keeps people in check! But at the end of the day I think matches are at a higher level than ever, the quality of talent we have now has never been better, and the work rate has never been higher.

Sami Zayn was also asked if he thinks El Generico will ever return to the ring, and he said that as far as he knows El Generico is currently running an orphanage in Mexico.

“There a lot of parallels between my style and his, I suppose, but I never actually met the man. But from what I hear I think he’s still running an orphanage, still fighting the good fight in Mexico. That’s as far as I know.”