Ric Flair is a two time WWE Hall of Famer, and his daughter Charlotte has given him plenty of reasons to be proud of her. She turned WWE into her playground as a member of the Four Horsewomen while having four runs so far with a WWE Women’s Championship.

Charlotte carried the NXT Women’s Title before then as well and nobody will forget Ric Flair standing at ringside during his baby girl’s match against Natalya at NXT: TakeOver. She really is following in her father’s legendary footsteps quite well.

Charlotte Flair recently appeared on Brian Campbell for the In This Corner podcast where she opened up about something very important she learned while writing the new book, “Second Nature: The Legacy Of Ric Flair And The Rise Of Charlotte.”

“In 2007 when my Dad retired, I really couldn’t understand why he was having such a hard time. I was so frustrated, and there were a lot of arguments, and I was extremely hard on him. I looked at him and said ‘Dad, no one has had a better career than you. You’ve had this amazing life. Go out on top.’ And that was retiring against Shawn Michaels, arguably one of the greatest performers of our time.”

“So, I couldn’t grasp why, and then where I am today, and working on the book for two years and being a part of WWE, I just wish I could go back in time and acted differently and had been more supportive of my Dad, because now I can’t imagine not doing this. Nothing is like the rush of a crowd, or walking through for your entrance in ‘gorilla.’”

“There’s nothing like performing for the WWE audience and my Dad did that for forty years of his life and now I understand why he had such a hard time and why he wouldn’t ever want to let it go.”