great balls of fire

You never know what can happen in WWE even if you work for them apparently. The Great Balls Of Fire PPV was hyped as being the first-ever during the show and the lead-up to the event. Bryan Alvarez remarked on Wrestling Observer Live that they might keep this name around if anything because WWE had to pay off Jerry Lee Lewis to attain the rights to use it. Goodness gracious, we’ll probably have another month next year where everybody’s saying “Great Balls Of Fire.”

In the latest issue of the Observer Newsletter, some more light was shined on the specifics regarding two matches changed at the midnight hour leading up to the event.

When Bray Wyatt defeated Seth Rollins it surprised some people. Most thought including this writer they would put Rollins over in some fashion to keep him strong for the video game but apparently there’s still time for that. WWE needed to keep Bray looking strong because the company needs strong heels.

Reports are Vince McMahon changed this match finish the day before the show and it was done because he needed strong heels ready for Roman Reigns because that was the direction they were going with at the time.

The result of the Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks match was also changed. In that instance, it appears as though WWE needed to change the ending for the opposite reason.

Bliss is currently sitting on top of the Raw Women’s Division as a very strong heel and she needs top babyfaces. Although it was an odd move to end the match with the walk-out finish which Meltzer noted was thirty years out of place and made no logical sense. It still served its purpose.

Sasha got her revenge at the end of the match to get her heat back and now that puts her in a situation pushing her deeper into the title hunt leading to SummerSlam.