triple h

It looks like there is a big change on the horizon for WWE as Triple H slowly takes control of the company. It’s not a hostile take over at all because Vince McMahon won’t be around forever and much like how Willy Wonka gave his chocolate factory to Charlie, Triple H will soon be handed the keys to the Superstar factory that is WWE.

Triple H’s newly found control of 205 Live has already brought a substantial change in the product of their Cruiserweight showcase and it could have the potential for another cult following much like NXT.

It was stated in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the belief is Triple H is assembling a team in NXT so he will be ready when the time comes to run the company. Jeremy Borash could very well be one of the newest acquisitions in that preparation and he’s already got some of his guys already on the main roster such as Road Dogg and many of the backstage agents and producers.

Triple H is already doing a lot backstage as WWE’s COO and he is in charge of live events and talent relations. Therefore, it was Triple H and Stephanie McMahon who negotiated the deal with Ronda Rousey to come into WWE which was thought to have been agreed upon last summer. Dave Meltzer noted it was Vince McMahon who actually arranged Brock Lesnar’s contract so it will be interesting to see who steps up to take charge of that matter when the time comes.

Stephanie McMahon’s involvement in future Ronda Rousey programs is thought to be a springboard for her to become an even bigger star worldwide much like how Steve Austin was launched to another level after his involvement with Mike Tyson and Vince McMahon got a huge rub for being the object of Austin’s storyline antics after that. Therefore the WWE’s biggest power couple could have some huge plans for the future.

But it seems the future is now and things are already in motion for Triple H’s transition into power to be a smooth process.