The WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view has come and gone, and even though some champions who defended their titles at the event managed to walk out with the gold, others weren’t so lucky.

Jeff Hardy was one of the wrestlers who didn’t retain his belt, as Shinsuke Nakamura defeated him to become the new United States Champion, and after the match Randy Orton attacked Hardy.

Orton attacked Hardy once again on SmackDown Live this week, and it looks like the attack may have been WWE’s way of writing Hardy off TV.

According to @TicketDrew, Hardy will be taking some time off.

It was reported a few weeks ago that Jeff Hardy has been dealing with nerve damage, and also working through an issue with his leg.

The former United States Champion also said during an interview that he hasn’t been using the Swanton Bomb at live events due to issues with his back.

Hopefully a little rest and relaxation will do Jeff some good, and he’ll be able to return stronger than ever.