It’s been a crazy year for TNA. Last summer business started to pick up for the promotion thanks to the creation of Broken Matt Hardy’s Broken Universe and then in the fall the company was wrapped up in a big legal battle with Billy Corgan.

The fallout from the legal battle saw Corgan exit the company and Anthem Sports & Entertainment has since taken over. Jeff Jarrett has been brought back into the fold and Dutch Mantel is said to be working closely with Jarrett. The next few months should give fans a good indication in regards to what they can expect from the promotion going forward.

It looks like the roster could be changing quite a bit, as it was recently reported that Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and Drew Galloway all have yet to sign new deals with the company. What the future holds for those three stars remains to be seen, but it sounds like TNA could be bringing a former World Champion back. reports that the company has made an offer to Nick “Magnus” Aldis to return to the company. The report notes that talks are significant, but the deal has yet to be signed.

Aldis signed with TNA in 2008 and later made his debut as Brutus Magnus in 2009. Eventually he became known as simply Magnus and he won the TNA World Tag Team Championship twice and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship once during his run with the company.

Magnus later parted ways with the company in 2015 and he joined Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling. As of this writing he is the current GFW Global Champion.