aj styles

AJ Styles has had a lot of trouble with his baggage recently. As we previously reported, AJ recently lost a very valuable bag when it was stolen from him. The bag contained a gaming system, a few games, $1000 US, and $7000 Japanese currency. The fact that he had seven times the amount of Japanese currency on him at the time than he did American is still a mystery.

Perhaps he just was waiting for exchange rates to improve, or maybe he was just remembering how well NJPW paid him. But the point is that he’s had bad luck in the bag department.

Apparently, AJ also had another fiasco with his luggage as an airline mishandled it. We can only assume that this happened on his way to the Edmonton, Alberta show tonight in Canada. But, thankfully this story had a happier ending than the previous one did.

AJ Styles posted the following:

Even though Corey Graves is now a staple of the Raw commentary team, he still loves tattoos just as much as ever. The Savior of Misbehavior recently made a stop by Clash City Tattoos while in New York to get some premium ink. This is a pretty awesome tattoo, and if this writer weren’t deathly afraid of needles then he would definitely want something like this.

The Young Bucks are outrageously popular and their fame seems to keep rising with every match they present to the professional wrestling world. Naturally, one would assume that The Bucks of Youth get a lot of autograph requests. Nick Jackson recently sent out a tweet to not only give us a sampling of his righteous penmanship skills.