All In sold out way quicker than anyone would have guessed but now it is leaving many more who are upset about the fact they won’t be able to see this amazing show.

Cody Rhodes recently appeared on Wrestling Observer Radio where he discussed putting the All In event together and how the show he thought would only sell 4,000 tickets in a week sold out in thirty minutes. It turns out there were plans to announce some matches for the show but at this point, with the event being a sell out they can take their time rolling out the information.

“The sell out could have altered the time frame a little bit but not really. I still want to keep fan engagement up. Me, Matt, and Nick we run the social account where the matchups come from so we want to keep fan engagement up especially as the event is adding more and more stuff happening that weekend.”

“I think we’ll stick to that probably we’re still over 100 days away, I should know this but I think we’re still over 100 days away. We’ll definitely when we get a little under two months away we’ll probably start talking matches but I could say that and then get on my phone and release a match I have a terrible track record of hypocritical statements so I’ll just say I don’t know.”

People naturally want to see this event even if they don’t have a ticket. Therefore a pay-per-view offering is in very high demand and The American Nightmare opened up about some of the issues they might run into when trying to broadcast this historic night of pro wrestling.

“Streaming, pay-per-view, tv basically it being accessible obviously we have talked about it and we have talked to various people who are capable of doing that for us. It’s a matter of maybe the best potential deal. But it’s also a matter of… remember, we have guys like Pentagon who’s represented elsewhere we have guys like Okada who’s representing New Japan Pro Wrestling and we have me, Matt, and Nick who are Ring Of Honor guys but also New Japan guys. That’s where we’re new to this so we don’t want to make any mistakes if we decide to broadcast the show in any way. We want to make sure legally we’re able to do so. We don’t want to be reckless with it every email there’s something else we have to do something else to facilitate.”

Cody went on to say they are 100% considering making All In a pay-per-view event but they have to be very careful about putting something out there especially considering the talent involved. But if they decide to broadcast the show there are a couple places who can help make this event available for millions.

If you use any portion of the quotes in this article please credit Wrestling Observer Radio with a H/T to Still Real To Us for the transcription