When it comes to WWE storylines at the moment it seems that everyone is focused on The Bloodline saga. The Bloodline have become one of the most talked about groups in all of wrestling, and it’s safe to say that their affiliation with Sami Zayn has done nothing but enhance the group’s presentation.

Sami Zayn has arguably become the highlight of The Bloodline storyline, and The Undertaker recently shared his take on why Sami is so vital to the group during an interview with Sports Illustrated.

“Sami’s character is so intriguing in that whole mix. It is very clear who The Bloodline is and what they stand for, and they go out and do their deal. But adding Sami gives so many more layers. Plus, you have that tension between Sami, The Usos, and Roman. It works so well.”

“Sami is a vital part of the whole thing, and he’s never been a bigger star. But this is also important for The Bloodline. It gives them something new. Roman has been champion for over two years. That means he has to go out and beat everyone he faces, right? That’s tough. But it’s a new dynamic with Sami in there. How can you not enjoy this? It’s great storytelling.”

At Survivor Series last weekend Sami Zayn solidified his place as a member of The Bloodline when he hit Kevin Owens with a low blow which allowed The Bloodline to pick up the win. Only time will tell where the storyline goes from here. Stay tuned for updates.