CM Punk is always a controversial figure in the world of professional wrestling, and the controversy surrounding Punk has only increased following the All Out pay-per-view back in September. At this point it’s not clear where Punk stands as it’s been reported that AEW is looking to buy out his contract, but Tony Khan has neither confirmed nor denied that’s the case.

During his time in AEW, CM Punk formed an alliance with FTR, and Dax Harwood admitted during an interview with Fightful that Punk was the complete opposite of how he thought he would be.

“CM Punk. Again, the same thing as Sasha. A man who, obviously has his detractors, and not just in AEW, around the wrestling world. And sometimes his detractors are louder than him, and get their news out more than he does. But again it all comes from a place of passion.

“When he first came into the company, and I remember talking to Cash and I said ‘if this motherf**ker comes in, if he says something to me about how I dress, like dress code or whatever. I said we’re gonna have a problem’ and he came in, and he was the complete opposite.

“He had his door always open, invited people in, watched matches of the young wrestlers that asked him to. Stuck around until the end of the show and anybody that questions, he would answer the questions. He loves wrestling. He is, just like me, unabashedly is a professional wrestling fan. Just like Sasha. I talk to him every day and whatever he decides to do in his life, I hope it brings him happy and joy.”