On Sunday night Cody Rhodes defeated Roman Reigns to become the new Undisputed WWE Universal Champion and he showed up on Raw this week to celebrate with his new belt. Eventually The Rock made his way down to the ring with his People’s Championship belt on his shoulders. He grabbed a mic as the fans briefly chanted “Rocky” but then switched to “Undertaker.” Rock put the mic to his mouth a few times and the fans drowned him out with boos before he could speak.

The Final Boss said he came out to deliver flowers to Cody Rhodes and say that Philadelphia broke another record for the largest gathering of trailer park trash. Cody held up his belt as the fans cheered. The Rock then held up his belt and the fans booed. Rock said Cody did it, and this is between Cody and The Rock. The Final Boss talked about all the challenges Cody had to overcome to finish his story. He said that Mama Rhodes had a big smile on her face when Cody won the belt. Rock said that his hero was Dusty Rhodes, and his dad and Dusty used to ride together.

The People’s Champion talked about Cody’s belt and called it beautiful. Then he pointed out how the new side plates had been installed. Rock reacted to the fans as they tried to call his People’s Championship fake and then he asked Cody if there was any way he could hold Cody’s belt. The Final Boss said he’s held a lot of belts, but never the one Cody’s holding. The American Nightmare told The Rock he could hold his title for a moment as long as he could hold the People’s Championship. Rock said “absolutely” and that he would be honored. They then peacefully exchanged the belts.

The Rock put the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship on his shoulders as the fans chanted “This is awkward!” Rock said that it “just kind of feels right” then handed the belt back to Cody and thanked him. They exchanged belts again. Rock then said that he’s got to go away for a little while. He said he doesn’t want to go because he loves professional wrestling. The fans sang “Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye.”

The Final Boss said that when he comes back he’s coming for Cody whether he’s the champion or not. Cody told The Rock he’s looking forward to it. Rock said there’s one critical thing he wants Cody to remember. He said that Cody beat Roman Reigns in the ring 1-2-3 on Sunday, but The Rock beat Cody 1-2-3 on Saturday. Rock said Cody’s story with Roman Reigns is over, but Cody’s story with The Rock has just begun.

Cody said he believes what The Rock is saying because The Rock is on the board with TKO, so he’s his literal boss. Rhodes told Rock that he’s the champion the said, “and boss that means I’m your champion.” The fans chanted for Cody. The Rock told Cody he is his champion then said there’s one last thing The Final Boss wants to give Cody before he rides off into the sunset. He put his hand in his pocket then asked Cody to give him his hand. Rock placed something in Cody’s hand then told Cody he doesn’t even have to open his hand to know what it is. He told Cody to never break his heart again if he smells what The Final Boss is cooking. Cody Rhodes looked upset as The Rock left the ring.