Bruno Sammartino is no longer with us but that doesn’t mean the memories he helped create will be lost at all. In fact, during his funeral services today in Pittsburgh at St. Sebastian Chuch his legacy just as alive as ever as people laughed and cried remembering Sammartino’s amazing life.

F4WOnline reported plenty of people gathered to talk about Bruno’s life and all he meant to them. The main eulogies were given by Larry Richert who is a Pittsburgh area news reporter that knew Bruno for years along with Dr. Frank Costa.

The McMahon Family including Vince, Linda, and Stephanie were also in attendance to pay respects to the man who helped build Vince McMahon Sr’s WWWF promotion and sell out Madison Square Garden a record number of times.

Triple H couldn’t be at the ceremony because he is in Saudi Arabia which is a commitment that he couldn’t cancel or I’m willing to bet he would have. But Stephanie McMahon still read a speech written by Triple H on her husband’s behalf.

Other names from pro wrestling’s past who were at the ceremony included Larry Zbyszko and Shane Douglas. Former Pittsburgh Steelers halfback Franco Harris was also in attendance to remember Bruno.

It was said that the documentary which was done about his life will soon be made available in some way although specifics about the release weren’t revealed at the time. The important part is that the film which is said to be a great telling of his story will soon be made available to a much larger audience.

It was reported to be a lovely ceremony and a fitting goodbye to a true legend in pro wrestling. Although Bruno Sammartino might be gone he will never be forgotten because every WWE Superstar owes their career to Bruno in a way because he was so instrumental in the early days of the company creating an amazing foundation to build on to help WWE evolve into the worldwide leader in sports entertainment that it is today.