WWE has an impressive roster of superstars. There are all different types of wrestlers in WWE. There are technical wrestlers, power wrestlers, brawlers and high flyers just to name a few. When it comes to the high flyers, WWE has some of the best in the world. The main roaster has some of the best high flyers to ever step foot in the ring and NXT (which won’t be included in this list) has its fair share of amazing talent in that department as well. It’s hard to narrow it down to the 5 best high flyers in WWE ┬ábut we gave it our best shot. Let’s take a look.


#5 – Justin Gabriel

Remember Justin Gabriel? You know, that guy who used to hit the 450 splash all the time when Nexus was dominating the WWE landscape. The truth is, not too many WWE fans are all that familiar with Justin Gabriel because he rarely gets TV time outside of Main Event or Superstars. However, the fact of the matter is, this guy is extremely talented.

If you ever tune in to watch his matches on Main Event or Superstars he always delivers and hits impressive high flying moves with ease. He may not ever make it to the top of the WWE (of course anything is possible) but we would be more than happy to see him featured on Raw or SmackDown more often.




#4 – Tyson Kidd

Tyson Kidd is one of those guys that has a pretty decent following but just can’t seem to get much in the way of TV time. Much like Justin Gabriel Tyson goes out of his way to put on an entertaining match every single time he steps in the ring. When he does manage to get on TV the crowd seems to love him.

Not only is Tyson Kidd a great high flyer but he’s very creative. He wants people to remember his spots so he always goes the extra mile to make sure that happens. The truth is, WWE is doing wrong by both the fans and Tyson himself by not featuring this man more prominently.




#3 – Seth Rollins

To be honest, we’re not really sure if Seth Rollins can be classified as a straight up high flyer. He’s a pretty versatile wrestler but his speed and high flying ability is just so damn impressive we had to put him on this list. Roman Reigns is the power of The Shield, Dean Ambrose is the personality but without a doubt Seth Rollins is the most entertaining to watch in the ring.

Seth consistently launches himself into the air and over the top rope with ease. It’s impossible not to be impressed by this man’s agility and it’s impossible not to think that he will be a top WWE superstar for years to come.




#2 – Rob Van Dam

No matter how old Rob Van Dam gets, he’s always exciting to watch in the ring. We’ve seen a lot of people say that he’s lost a few steps recently and although he may be a little bit slower, he’s still one of the most impressive high flyers in WWE and the entire world for that matter. The things Rob Van Dam did in the original ECW were revolutionary and the fact that he can still pull off most of those moves today is beyond impressive.

Rob Van Dam is quite possibly the best high flyer of all time. If Rob Van Dam were still in his prime and the year was 1994 instead of 2014, this man would without a doubt be number 1 on this list.




#1 – Kofi Kingston

For many years now Kofi Kingston has been the unsung hero of WWE. He consistently puts on great matches, has amazing agility, uncanny balance and is guaranteed to steal the show in just about any battle royal. Kofi Kingston can do things that no one else in WWE can do and he does those things with ease.

Regardless of how many fans think he deserves a shot at the main event, Kofi is still impressive no matter where he is on the card. There are quite a few impressive high flyers in WWE but none of them pull of this type of style quite as well as Kofi Kingston.